We did most of our Christmas decorating (and decluttering) last week, but when I got to the bottom of our Xmas decoration box, our stockings were still sitting there, waiting to be hung. The empty curtain rod hangers that I’d hung them from last year have since been replaced by, well, a curtain rod and curtains, so I wasn’t sure where to put them and left them crumpled in the box, to think about later.

Then I read Joshua Becker’s post about holiday expectations and realized that there was absolutely no reason why I had had to hang up stockings. In fact, if I DID hang up stockings, I would inevitably feel the need to fill them each with something—or many somethings—even though I’ve already maxed out my Christmas budget. I realized that hanging stockings would add a burden to my heart instead of increasing the joy in my heart.

So the stockings are hanging out in the decoration box down in the basement this year, until mid-January when we bring the box back upstairs to put all the other decorations away.

I thought about getting rid of the stockings entirely, but they’re personalized, and my grandmother actually knitted my stocking for me when I was a baby. So that one, especially, has got some sentimental value, and I wasn’t quite ready to make the decision to part with any of them yet. But I think that’s all right—they don’t take up very much space.

(Photo by Ben Askew © 2007)


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