Simple Pumpkin Pie

I love pumpkin pie and wanted to learn to make it, but my first attempt four or so years ago left much to be desired. I’d used whole wheat flour for the crust and tried to roll it out with an empty wine bottle (since I didn’t have a rolling pin). The crust was lumpy and thick. I think I may have cried about it.

That Christmas my relatives bought me all of the pie crust-making supplies, but I was still too intimidated to try again. Plus, I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t REALLY making the pie from scratch unless I roasted a fresh pumpkin myself, which is a pretty time-consuming endeavor for a full-time office mouse, casual baker like myself.

This fall I decided it was finally time to try again. I embraced canned pumpkin as the only thing that (for me) was going to get the job done and even found a super simple, no-roll pie crust after spending all of 45 seconds on Pinterest.

Finding a recipe for filling that didn’t call for evaporated milk was a little more challenging. (I don’t keep evaporated milk in my cabinets and really didn’t want either me or my husband to go to the store to fetch some.) Eventually I found an evaporated-milk-free recipe—super yum!

I had a bunch of filling left over after pouring it into my pie crust and didn’t want it to go to waste, so I whipped up another two batches of pie crust (really, it was that easy to make: this didn’t feel like a huge hassle) and experimented with cupcake-sized pumpkin pies. They aren’t as tasty as the full-size thing (the crust-to-filling ratio is suboptimal), but they’re pretty cute and were worth the extra effort.

I think I might even offer to make the pies for Thanksgiving this year. So easy! So good!