And I don’t mean the top of my desk. I mean the one that sits on my computer monitor when I log in at work each morning.

Last night I had logged into my work computer from home, and when I got in this morning my zillions of desktop icons were all rearranged alphabetically into three unfriendly columns—so I spent some time setting them a-right.

After I was done I realized that every time I use a VPN connection I’ll have to do the same thing over again.

Not my idea of Good Morning.

I got started deleting. Goodbye shortcuts I never use! Goodbye folders full of documents I never open! If you are pinned to my taskbar, you really don’t need to take up space on my desktop too.

I got rid of 18–20 icons.

Not a radical change, but next time I’ll need to do that much less reorganizing. Small victories.

(Image by Taduuda)


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